Staff Picks: Cookie + Ice Cream Combos

Staff Picks: Cookie + Ice Cream Combos

Whew! The last few weeks here in Los Angeles have been scorchers! To keep our minds off the heat, we took a much-needed ice cream break with the Milk Jar Crew. After all, nothing says Summer like some Fosselman's ice cream paired with your favorite Milk Jar cookie!

In honor of the ice cream season, the crew set out to answer the eternal question: what is the ultimate cookie + ice cream flavor pairing?

Of course, there's only one way to truly get to the bottom of this. Before we got to tastin', though, we narrowed our choices down to three different staff picks.

It only made sense to include Ashley's classic pairing: Chocolate Chip with French Vanilla ice cream.

Cala put forth a slightly bolder suggestion: a Peanut Butter cookie plus Horchata pairing.

The final contestant was a very controversial brainchild from Michael: White Chocolate Raspberry and Cookie Monster ice cream.

The finalists!

The favorite? Cala's Peanut Butter and Horchata!

(Though Michael's odd coupling was deemed surprisingly good, too.)

Need a break from the heat? Bring your own crew by the Milk Jar shop, and decide for yourselves which staff pairing takes the cake! (Or invent a combination of your own!)