ABCs of Baking: S for Salt

When baking breads, salt plays a crucial role in getting that perfect crumb. It tightens the gluten structure which allows the bread dough to hold the carbon dioxide that is the product of fermentation. This leads to a strong dough and lofty bread. 

Even when you’re baking sweet treats, salt plays a very important role. When used appropriately, salt enhances the flavors around it and balances sweetness without making the product taste salty. One thing I do in my baking to control the amount of salt is only use unsalted butter. Then, I can add just the right amount of salt to get the flavor I desire. Another benefit of adding salt to your baked goods is that it helps extend the shelf life. Given that salt traps moisture, it can help keep your treats from drying out as quickly as they might without salt. Now that’s pretty sweet.

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