Spotlight: Little Trees Studio

Spotlight: Little Trees Studio

When we're not gorging ourselves on Cold Brew and Ice Cream, we're often spending the summer months winding up for Wedding Season! Making your Big Day special is an honor we don't take lightly, and we have a blast helping to plan, design, and cater desserts for wedding events.

To get those matrimonial creative juices flowing, we checked in with a long-time Milk Jar Cookies friend: Teresa Tonai of Little Trees Studio!

We're huge fans of Teresa's beautiful letterpress - in fact, you can spot some of her custom work around the Milk Jar Cookies shop! For those of you planning (or fantasizing about) your perfect wedding, she also has a knack for adding that special touch to your event. We caught her on the phone to chat about Wedding Season, Little Trees Studio, and her favorite Milk Jar Cookie flavor!

MJC: How does Little Trees Studio help make wedding magic?
LTS: We do custom invitations, wedding suites, table settings, and other custom work!

MJC: What is your favorite part about designing for weddings?
LTS: Bringing something special and unique for the happy couple.

MJC: Any good wedding stories?
LTS: I did a wedding suite for a good friend of mine who was doing a barn wedding. It was a really collaborative wedding, and another one of our friends did the table settings. It was lovely. Since they were getting married in a specific barn, and that was really important to the bride, we made it personalized for them by drawing the barn in the invitation. Another thing we did (that only people who knew them would notice!) that was special was a hand drawn heart with their initials. It was based on their first summers together, when he carved their initials into a tree while the parents were on vacation, and they ended up using it for lots of the wedding materials.

MJC: What other work do you do at Little Trees Studio?
LTS: Our own line of stationary, greeting cards, and letterpress! We also do custom work, like Milk Jar's gift card holders and coasters!

MJC: Favorite Milk Jar Cookie flavor?
LTS: Birthday Cookie! It's just festive, and it feels like so much fun!

Shop, browse, and learn about Little Trees Studio and their beautiful work at the links below!