Local Spotlight: Ace Gallery

Local Spotlight: Ace Gallery

light/DOUBLE ALBERS (Heather Carson, 2013)

One of the reasons we love having our shop here in the distinctive neighborhood of Miracle Mile is that there are tons of hidden gems nearby. As such, we thought we'd fill you in on one of the area's best-kept secrets that's only block from Milk Jar: Ace Gallery!

Ace Gallery is located on the second floor of the historic Wilshire Tower. This landmark building was one of the first art deco buildings in Los Angeles, and helped create Miracle Mile as one of LA's first successful commercial areas (outside of downtown), boasting department stores such as Desmond's.

Despite all that history, the Ace Gallery is a modern trailblazer as far as art goes. In the past 50 years, the Ace Gallery has created a name for itself by exhibiting bold bodies of work by exciting new artists. It's a bit of a hot spot in the art sales world, too.

The best part? All that art is on display to the public for FREE, Monday through Saturday. Don't look any further for your next excuse to come by the shop! You can swing through and have the perfect afternoon, filled with great art and fresh-baked goodness - and not even have to move your car!

Oh, and as if that weren't enticing enough, you'll probably get to say hi to the city's finest manual elevator operator, Ruben! You can also meet him in this awesome video from Dress Code.