Good Cookies: HoldYou Foundation

Good Cookies: HoldYou Foundation

A few weeks ago, we did our first ever "Good Cookies" spotlight on the awesome folks behind the Children's Action Network. Now, we'd like to showcase another great team fighting for a great cause over at HoldYou Foundation.

We were excited when Milk Jar was invited to provide cookies to a recent benefit event, and a lot of that has to do with the great work Hold You does. Their mission is "to provide financial assistance to families in need who have a child facing a critical illness or injury" and "to hold the financial burdens of the parents so that they may be able to devote full time care to their child." Thanks to HoldYou, families struggling with pediatric illness can stick together, without the risk of financial ruin.

We think that's pretty sweet!

We're encouraging all friends of Milk Jar to consider making a donation, big or small, to HoldYou Foundation. If you can't contribute today, you can still help by spreading the love - just share this blog post on Facebook!

You can learn more about HoldYou Foundation at