Cookies & Movie Genres: Romance

I love to choose cookies that match the theme of the movie. Not only does it add a layer of fun to the night, but it makes the experience more memorable for your guests. As a cookie expert, I’m here to help you choose the right dessert for different types of movies. Today, let’s get a little lovey-dovey and talk about romance.

I am a sucker for a great romantic movie, so this was really hard for me to choose, but I will commit and say my favorite romance movie is The Notebook. It's got all the classic elements you need for a great love story: a love lost and then found again, kissing in the rain... I mean, come on! 

The first addition to your custom romance-themed cookie box should be Rocky Road, an ice-cream inspired cookie loaded with almonds, rich chocolate and marshmallows. If you choose our Rocky Road, then you can’t forget about our Banana Split. It’s one of our best sellers for a reason! It’s made with banana dough, butterscotch, chocolate and walnuts, and topped with fresh strawberries. I would also add a White Chocolate Raspberry for good measure since it’s as sweet as a love poem and topped with a tart fresh raspberry. It always reminds me of a little heart.

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