Cookies & Movie Genres: Fantasy

A really good cookie and a really good movie can both transport us to a happier place. Combine them and you’ve got magic. And that’s what I’m here to do: to help you pair the perfect set of cookies with the perfect film. While we’re talking about magic, let’s take a bite out of one of my favorite genres: fantasy.

My favorite fantasy movie is Mary Poppins. This absolute classic film has had me wishing for decades that I could float to the ceiling through laughter, pull magical items out of a bag, and dance with penguins. And Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke are pure magic themselves.

For a fantasy movie night, I suggest ordering our Vegan Box, featuring our plant-based Chocolate Chip. It has our signature Milk Jar texture with a crisp outer edge and a doughy center without the eggs and butter. It’s a little too good to be true, but isn’t that what fantasy is all about?

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