Cookies & Movie Genres: Drama

Cookies & Movie Genres: Drama

There’s nothing better than sharing a cookie and a good movie with friends and family.

One of the things I love about desserts is that there’s something sweet for every taste. At Milk Jar Cookies, there’s a treat on the menu for every occasion, including movie night, so I decided to choose cookies to pair with the perfect film genre. In this video, let’s get a little dramatic!

My favorite drama movie is... [anecdote about Courtney’s favorite drama movie]

If you also have an affinity for drama, I recommend you customize a movie night cookie box with lots of contrast. Start with our dark and rich Chocolate Peanut Butter, and pair it with our lightly baked Cinnamon Sugar, a Milk Jar fan favorite. Then toss in our vibrant Birthday cookie with sprinkles to create a visually stunning assortment. For a really dramatic treat, alternate bites between each cookie. That’s what I would do!

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