Cookie Pairings for Every Track on LEMONADE

Cookie Pairings for Every Track on LEMONADE

Here at the shop, we're still reeling from Beyoncé's latest affront to global stability (aka LEMONADE, the visual album). In her sixth studio album, she left us with a whole lot to chew on: cheating, violence, identity, power, healing, and more. Queen Bey traveled her journey through eleven thematic chapters: from INTUITION, DENIAL, and ANGER, all the way through HOPE and REDEMPTION.

As for us, well... we're still stress-eating our way through our own journey (titled RECOVERY).

After much deliberation, we've compiled an exhaustive list of cookie pairings to ease your way through every track. Call it an act of community service. Check out the list below, and make sure to call in your order of the "LEMONADE Dozen" for your Beyoncé viewing parties. Or, know...personal use.

For more intensive support, we have a hefty stock of Calypso's Lemonade and warm, fresh-baked cookies on hand in the shop.

Pray You Catch Me + Rocky Road Cookie

Pray You Catch Me + Rocky Road Cookie

This very first song is dark, sticky, and dramatic...just like this one-of-a-kind cookie. From the looks of that bath tub scene, it has been a rocky road for Bey, indeed.

Hold Up + Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie

Hold Up + Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie

A beloved classic, gone nutty. Hold Up is the Beyoncé we know and love: colorful, powerful, and fun. Do not be fooled. She has long departed from the innocence of her Crazy In Love days, and from the looks of that Monster Truck stunt, there is no looking back.

Don't Hurt Yourself + White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie

Don't Hurt Yourself + White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie

(feat. Jack White...Chocolate Chips)
In this third track, Beyoncé continues to demonstrate borderline erratic nuttiness. Some might say, macadamia nuttiness.

Sorry + Mint Chocolate Cookie

Sorry + Mint Chocolate Cookie

Dark, dense with meaning, and with a sharp, minty coolness...the Mint Chocolate Cookie is as unapologetic as our cookies get. It's a natural pair with this apathetic anthem. Plus, we're pretty sure Serena Williams would LOVE this flavor. We're not so sure about Becky, though.

6 Inch (feat. The Weekend) + Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cookie

6 Inch (feat. The Weekend) + Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cookie

Dark, gooey, and sexy - just like the beautiful Chocolate Pecan Caramel cookie. This flavor is one of our best sellers, and she definitely "works for the money."

Daddy Lessons + Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Daddy Lessons + Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

This rousing foray into country music is a perfect fit with the rustic Oatmeal Raisin cookie, which happens to be the favorite cookie of Courtney's dad!

Love Drought + Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie

Love Drought + Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie

This pairing is smooth, sultry, and sweet... but you'll definitely feel the "love drought" for a cold glass of milk.

Sandcastles + White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie

Sandcastles + White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie

This marvel features a tart centerpiece of raw emotion (or raspberry) set off by a sweet resolve of pure, white chocolatey goodness. It just makes sense to pair this romantic song with this gooey flavor.

There's a lot of gossip about what JAY-Z did to earn Bey's forgiveness. We're not saying that he gave her a White Chocolate Raspberry cookie. But if he did, it probably helped.

Forward (feat. James Blake) + Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

Forward (feat. James Blake) + Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Gluten Free dough is not really our classic cookie dough, just like this isn't really a Beyoncé song at all...but both are extremely important and unifying contributions. This is, without a doubt, our most controversial cookie.

Freedom (feat. Kendrick Lamar) + Banana Split Cookie

Freedom (feat. Kendrick Lamar) + Banana Split Cookie

While Kendrick hasn't returned our calls about a collaboration, we still LOVE this tenth riotous track. In it, Beyoncé makes a powerful statement about breaking away from oppressive conventions. Kind of like how we break away from convention(al flavors) with this popular cookie.

All Night + Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

All Night + Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

A nostalgic, all-the-feels kind of cookie. We have not forgotten the spicy, cinnamony struggle, but have arrived at a warm and sweet resolution.

Formation + Birthday Cookie

Formation + Birthday Cookie

This final pair is as pop as we get. Formation is a pure celebration of womanhood, heritage, and power. This cookie is a pure celebration of...well... whatever you want!

Sending you warmth in these difficult, Lemonade-y times,
The Milk Jar Cookies Crew