Cookie & Drink Pairings: Chocolate Chip + Whole Milk

There’s actually a scientific reason why chocolate chip cookies and milk make such a dynamic duo. Chocolate and milk both contain emulsifiers that let ingredients that usually wouldn’t combine well, like cocoa butter and cocoa powder, mix together. The chemical reaction between the chocolate and the milk actually enhances both flavors. The milk also mellows out the cookie’s sweetness.

This all-American ooey gooey classic pairs the best with our locally sourced whole milk from Rosa Brothers’ Dairy in Hanford, CA. Our milk gets delivered to us every Tuesday and Friday so you can rest assured that you’ll always get it fresh!

What separates whole milk from other options is its flavor and creaminess. The milk helps wash down all the delicious sugar and decadent chocolate without changing the taste of the cookie. Dunk then sip, and you’re on your way to happiness! After all, life’s short, eat cookies!

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