Cookie & Drink Pairings: Banana Split + Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Cookie & Drink Pairings: Banana Split + Cold Brew Iced Coffee

One of the best pairs we recommend is our deliciously sweet banana split cookie and a cup of cold brew iced coffee! It’s a pair you can only taste at Milk Jar because we’re the only cookie shop that bakes chocolate chip banana split cookies.

The cookie is made with banana dough, butterscotch, chocolate, and walnuts and is topped with fresh strawberries for a true banana split experience. The flavor notes meld together to create the perfect sweet bite. How can you resist such a sexy cookie?!

The cookie alone is a perfect treat, but our cold brew iced coffee takes it to the next level. We import our espresso beans from our friends at Sightglass and roast them fresh each week. The coffee is extra special because it’s slightly nutty and is steeped in a filter for 20 hours. Fun fact: the reason we use cold brew is because the grounds are super fine like sugar, which means that it doesn’t get cloudy like regular coffee.

The dark flavor of the cold brew enhances the earthiness of the walnuts while taming the sweetness of the butterscotch and chocolate. It’s such a great combination, even if you’re not the world’s biggest coffee fan. Trust me! If you need a pick-me-up, Milk Jar’s got you covered!


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