ABCs of Baking: N for Nervous Nellies

I’ve heard from so many of you that baking makes you feel nervous, and I am here to help you scrap that nervousness and have fun with your baking! Fear is typically rooted in the unknown, right? With that in mind, my biggest piece of advice is to start each baking journey by reading the recipe all the way through... a couple of times. This will remove a lot of the mystery, and you’ll have a much clearer idea of what might be sensitive parts of the process. This will also allow you to prep properly and make sure your ingredients are at the temperature the recipe calls for, etc. Pre-measure as many ingredients as possible, as that will lower the in-the-moment pressure once you’ve begun. 

The specificity and precision of baking is scary to some people, and both of these simple tips will help with that. The biggest thing I want to leave you with is to have fun! Even if the product doesn’t turn out perfectly, let the journey bring you some joy. And, if it’s a disaster, let it be a teachable moment… and the “failed” treat will most likely still be edible and delicious. Plus, you’ve got a story to tell!

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