ABCs of Baking: H for Hand-formed

ABCs of Baking: H for Hand-formed

People have long commented that a Milk Jar cookie isn’t just the most delicious cookie they’ve ever had, but it’s also the prettiest. Each cookie is picture-perfect, and this is due to us hand-forming each and every one of them. This all started way back when I was developing all of my recipes and has remained part of our process all these years later. I believe that pretty things taste better, and that’s the experience I wanted to provide for all of you.

So many of you have been baking from the Milk Jar Cookies Bakebook, and I wanted to spend an episode showing you how to make your cookies just like we do.

Using a scooper, scoop your dough as big as you want your cookie. Our cookies are a quarter pound each, so you can use an ice cream scoop or a one-third measuring cup. Then, you’ll take that dough in your hands, gently squeeze it a few times, and roll it until the edges are all smooth. Place on your baking sheet and repeat until the dough is gone.

If you are making a flavor that has fruit or candy on top, I recommend you watch the White Chocolate Raspberry cookie video on our channel for tips on how to work with the fruit and get that full Milk Jar experience.

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