ABCs of Baking: F for Fruit

ABCs of Baking: F for Fruit

I love to utilize fresh fruit in a lot of our cookies and baking in general. It opens up so many possibilities and can take your baking to another level. It can also make things a bit of a mess, so I have a few tips for you.

Fresh fruit has a lot of natural moisture, and as it bakes, it will juice even more and add more flavor throughout your cookies, which is delicious. However, any unnecessary moisture can affect the consistency, so it’s important to fully dry your fruit before cutting it and placing it on a paper towel after cutting to absorb that extra juice. I use this method specifically with strawberries and peaches.

Another tip for working with fresh fruit is to freeze your daintier fruits, such as raspberries. This makes them less mushy and a lot easier to work with.

There’s also a time and a place for baking with dried fruit, such as banana chips. They will not only contribute to your flavor but also introduce a fun, crunchy texture to your product.


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