5 Things to Pair With Milk & Cereal Cookies

5 Things to Pair With Milk & Cereal Cookies

We can't get enough of our latest seasonal cookie, and from the looks of it, neither can our visitors to the shop! Whether you've already tried one or not, here are five of our favorite things to pair with the Milk & Cereal Cookie.


1. an ice-cold glass of Broguiere's milk

Okay, it's kind of the obvious answer - but no cookie experience is complete without the milk! Broguiere's locally-sourced, delicious milk (or chocolate milk!) is a must when visiting the shop. Unable to swing in? Good news! You can still get the perfect cookie experience at home. Just include Broguiere's milk in your online order, reheat those freshly-delivered cookies at 325, and voilà!


2. Fosselman's ice cream

Again, this one is kind of obvious. Need we even explain the perfect combination of cookies and ice cream? We continue to serve a rotating quartet of Fosselman's ice creams in the shop, which you can use to create your very own ice cream cookie sandwich. We're still hoping to hear from you guys what the perfect flavor pairing is with the Milk & Cereal cookie. Need some inspiration? Just ask the awesome blogger who snapped this picture, Chris Paul Thompson!


3. The New Barn Almond Milk

If our diary obsession has got you down, never fear! All walks of life (including our lactose-free friends) should, and can, indulge in the perfect cookie moment. We recently discovered on Instagram an enthralling new line of almond milks from The New Barn! Check them out online, or at your neighborhood Whole Foods! Be sure to let us know which flavor (Sweetened, Unsweetened, or Vanilla) is your favorite to pair with the Milk & Cereal cookie.


4. Bed Head pajamas

One of our absolute favorite ways to enjoy the Milk & Cereal cookie is curled up with some cartoons and pajamas! (Seriously - we even threw a Milk Jar Pajama Party this weekend for that very reason.) Nothing gets cozier to us than Bed Head pajamas, a fantastic LA-local line of sleepwear for the whole squad.


5. Woven Pear Socks

Of course, if you're going to go all the way with your Milk & Cereal cookie experience, you'll need some cozy socks. We scouted out the current sock scene, and landed on Woven Pear. Not only are they comfortable enough to be worthy of your cookie moment back home, but they're fashionable enough to wear to the office. (Or, we hope so...because we sure have...).

Oh, and of course, don't forget the cookies! Our Milk & Cereal cookie is only available for a limited time, so grab this seasonal flavor before March is gone!