Frequently asked cooki... questions

Do you ship?

Yes, our cookies ship beautifully. We ship on Mondays & Tuesdays via UPS. Any orders received after 6am PST on Wednesdays will be shipped out the following week, unless you choose to ship overnight.


Do you deliver?

Yes. We request 24 hours notice for delivery around Los Angeles (additional fees apply). We are often able to make same-day deliveries, but a rush fee will be applied.


Can I create my own dozen?

Yes! You are welcome to pick and choose your cookies by choosing Custom Box. 


Do you make sugar free, vegan, or gluten free cookies?

We make the best Gluten Free and Vegan chocolate chip cookies in the city! But at this time we do not offer sugar free cookies. 


Where did you learn to bake?

From Mom! Where else?!


Are your cookies made on shared equipment?

Yes. We work in a small kitchen, so all of our cookies are made on shared equipment. This includes cookies made with gluten, nuts, peanut butter, etc. That being said, we sanitize the equipment in between batches and take the utmost precautions to avoid any cross-contamination of allergens.


How long do your cookies last?

You mean you’ve waited longer than five minutes to eat one?!!
Our cookies are made with real ingredients and no preservatives. They will last four to five days... or four to five months if you freeze them! Never refrigerate them, because they will dry out. 

Did you raise your prices?

On Feb 1st, 2018 we raised the price of 1/2 Dozen cookies by $1. This is the first time we've raised our prices since we opened in 2013; and it is necessary, because the cost of our ingredients has risen significantly. Our cookies are still an excellent deal when compared with the price of other gourmet dessert shops.

Thank you for your continued patronage, and drop us a line on the contact page if you ever have any other questions or concerns.