How Courtney & Adam Met

How Courtney & Adam Met

Every Milk Jar Cookie is baked with love, so it's no surprise that we're all about Valentine's Day! We love having sweethearts (platonic and otherwise) in the shop. Besides, what's more romantic than some sugar and spice? (We're basically like cupid, but with a spatula.)

In honor of the season, we asked owner Courtney Cowan & her husband, Adam Tiller, to share their own love story - separately! Here's the scoop on Milk Jar's resident power couple, Courtney & Adam:

Q: Where were you when you first met?

Courtney: We were both working on "Entourage," in different departments, and met at the copy machine.

Adam: We were both working on a TV show, and we met at the copy machine. I introduced myself and said, "Hi, I'm Adam." And then Courtney replied, "Madam?"

Q: Who made the first move?

Adam: Courtney invited everyone from work to her birthday party, and I kept wanting to ask her out all night, but because it was her party, she was always surrounded by people. So at the end of the night, after everyone had left, I ran back up to her door and asked if she might want to go out sometime.

Courtney: I suppose I did by offering him a cookie. True story. From there, I invited him to my birthday party and after he left that night, my friend saw him running back to my apartment, and he asked me out. It was so romantic! :)

Q: Do you remember any of your first thoughts/impressions when you met them?

Courtney: I thought he seemed so sweet and kind and had a smile that was infectious.

Adam: She was super cute and funny! And ironically, she also brought homemade cookies to work. I was like, I need to get to know this girl.